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Without carrying through Quaid’s vision for Non-Muslim Pakistanis observance of Minorities’ Day is inutile: J. Salik


Celebrated Pakistani Christian leader Julius Salik, has urged for implementation of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision for the Non-Muslim Pakistanis. “Neglecting Quaid’s vision and celebrating National Minorities’ Day is pointless,” he asserted.

Julius Salik refutes minorities' day celebrations

While addressing a press conference, organized at his residence in the Capital city, he said that he is of the opinion that minorities are being sidelined systematically. He said that religious minorities have been thwarted from being involved in Federal structure but are injected into the provincial arenas. He staunchly criticized the annulment of Federal Ministry for Religious Affairs.

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Former Federal Minister further said that it is totally pointless to celebrate minorities’ day, but instead there is an inevitable need to dispense rights of religious minorities. He voiced serious angst over the fact that despite being a Pakistani, no non-Muslim can hold the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan. Religious Minorities have been robbed of their right to elect their representatives in National and Provincial Assembles. Instead selected representatives are operational as their representatives.

While further expressing his apprehension about the state of affairs, he said that despite the fact that apex court had already directed the government to procure an election procedure for the religious minorities-no action has been taken by the Parliament.

He said that those who observe the minorities’ day should for once visit the kachi abadis and have a look at the living conditions of the religious minorities. He said that it would be better off, that primarily minorities should be forked out their rights; only then minorities’ day celebrations are justifiable. He said that selected representatives have failed utterly to heed to the plea of the religious minorities.