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Women Conference in Faisalabad


FAISALABAD: A Conference was held at the centre for Peace and Harmony to stop violence against women.


A Christian worker Arooj-e-Marriam from Catholic Church, Faisalabad organized this women conference, which was attended by more than 700 participants from all the spheres of life. Fr. Nisar Barkat (Director NCJP), Mrs Christina Peter (AWARD), Fr. Bonnie Mendas, Fr. Issac Emmanuel, Fr. Zafar Iqbal, Major Grace Salamat, Major Salamat and Ms. Aqsa Kanwal orators at the conference.

The speaker and the participants urged the government of Pakistan to take effective steps against violence against women in all its forms with the agenda of:

  • To Abolish all discriminatory laws and outdated customs like Vani, Sawara and honor killings
  • The Government should strictly implement the women protection bill and sexual harassment bill for the protection and defense of women’s rights in Pakistan.
  • To ensure implementation upon the existing domestic laws for the protection of human rights of all mankind;
  • media should avoid presenting discriminatory material about women, and should play their positive role for a better description of Women
  • To take immediate measures for the eradication of religious and cultural traditions & customs against women,
  • To introduce laws against gender based violence,
  • To constitute educational & technical institutions for the empowerment of women.