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World Refugee Crisis – A Record Year of Affliction


The year 2014 was the worst in terms of the prevalent refugee crises. According to UN Refugee Agency Annual Report, in the year 2014, 59.5 million people were forcibly displaced. This is a record high.

38.3 million People were internally displaced due to violence, human rights violations and conflict. A major role in this has been played in Syrian where civil war now stands in the sixth year. Afghanistan has also been a prime source of refugees since 30 years now. 1.55 million Syrians fled the country in 2014.

The ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine has resulted in 230,000 Ukrainians taking refuge in Russia. Sudanese are also fleeing their country to seek refuge elsewhere due to the ongoing fighting in Congo.

Amidst all these facts and figures, only 126,800 refugees were able to return to their homes. Although the prime reason behind this may be war or political unrest, poverty, hunger, life threats and medical outbreaks are also key factors.

The refugee and humanitarian crisis is set to worsen if steps to curb it are not made underway soon. If all the refugees of the world were put together they would make up the world 24th largest country.