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World Report 2015: Minorities Vulnerable For More Attacks In 2015


Minorities are vulnerable for attacks, Human Rights Watch says in its World Report 2015.

World Report 2015
World Report 2015

According to Human Rights Watch, the Pakistani government should guarantee the security of the religious minorities from judicial injustice and attacks by militants. HRW in its World Report 2015 said that violent attacks on religious minorities rose notably in 2014 as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s evidently government failed to ensure religious freedoms.

Phelim Kine, Deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch said, “Pakistan’s government did little in 2014 to stop the rising toll of killings and repression by extremist groups that target religious minorities. The government is failing at the most basic duty of government — to protect the safety of its citizens and enforce rule of law.” The World Report further notes that “institutionalized discrimination” has fostered violent attacks on religious minorities.

Most significant of all, women who are members of religious minorities are believed to be “particularly vulnerable”, according to the report. “At least 1,000 girls belonging to Christian and Hindu communities are forced to marry male Muslims every year,” the report stated. The compulsion often originates from the prospective bridegrooms’ families, and failure to comply can prompt serious violence against the girls and their families. The government has failed to act to stop such forced marriages, HRW said.