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World’s Smallest Bible Goes on Display


“The Nano Bible” has gone on display in the Israel Museum of Jerusalem. According to Jerusalem Post, The Nano Bible, which contains the 1.2 million Hebrew letters that make up the Old Testament, was created at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
It is a copy of the Hebrew Bible etched onto a chip the size of a grain of sugar has gone on display for the first time in Jerusalem. The letters were engraved on the 0.04mm2 gold-plated silicon chip using a focused ion beam generator.
To read the Nano Bible, you need a microscope that can magnify by a factor of 10,000. The pin head sized Bible is part of the Israel Museum’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It is housed in the museum’s Shrine of the Book, alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls – the oldest known copies of biblical texts.
In an interview with BBC Dr Adolf Roitman said that the Nano Bible was not an electronic chip, but applied modern nanotechnology to an ancient method.
“It was produced through an ion beam, engraving on the silicon chip all the letters. It’s the same technique used by our forefathers in antiquity to engrave, in this case, not just using a chisel but using an ion beam,” Roitman said.