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Worsening crisis: About 630,000 refugees have entered European Union Illegally so far in 2015



Since the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries started pouring into European Union, estimated statistics show that thus far about 630,000 refugees have illegally managed to sneak into the EU.

According to a statement from Fabrice Leggeri- Executive Director of Frontex, “We registered about 630,000 illegal border crossings as of the end of September.” The statistics are not an overall figure of refugees who have arrived in the European Union so far, amid Europe continues to grapple with worst ever migrant crisis since World War II. These refugees are coming from conflict struck countries ike Syria, Libya and Eritrea.

On the other hand, Germany which has been the most hospitable country towards these refugees is anticipating about 1.5 million asylum seekers to pour into the country before the end of this year. A quota system has been under discussion in the EU meetings, under which member countries will be bound take in a fixed quota of refugees. However, no accord has been reached so far on the quota system, as many EU member countries have declined to work per quota system denying to take in refugees.

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In this regard, UK’s George Osborne said, “The migrant crisis is quite a good example of how Britain has been able to carve a different role for itself. We are not part of the Schengen arrangement, so we are not part of the quota system where other EU countries have to accept quotas, and we can run our own system which is much more compassionate, so we go to the camps in Jordan and help people there.

Whether it is the euro crisis, or the migrant crisis, it has been shown that Britain can have this role in Europe where we are in Europe but not run by Europe. We need to make changes to secure that, but I am confident we can make those changes.” Moreover, in this regard, British Premier David Cameron is due to meet the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, for more consultation on the EU refugee crisis and Syria.