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Worsening refugees crisis in Europe: Britain to take in 4000 refugees from Middle East


Refugee crisis of Europe

Britain signals to take in 4,000 Syrian refugees from the conflict struck Middle East.

According to details, UN has said that Britain will take 4,000 Syrian refugees from Middle East camps. Melissa Fleming said, “We welcome very much the move to increase resettlement spaces for Syrians in the UK. Those spaces are going to be critical to the lives and future of 4,000 people.”

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Previously, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain would take in “thousands more” Syrian refugees, without giving definite numbers. “Given the scale of the crisis and the suffering of people, today I can announce that we will do more in providing resettlement for thousands more Syrian refugees,” UK Premier told the journalists.

Europe has been swallowed up by the biggest migrant crisis since World War II, as thousands of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa seek entry into the continent eyeing a safe and better life.

After the appalling images of a 3-year-old, Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi’s dead body found at the shore of Turkey, refugee crisis has rocked the world. Britain came under serious criticism over its lack of involvement in taking in refugees.