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“Worship here and you will die,” militants threaten Christians in a town of Kenya


Christians in Kenya

Christians in Kenya come under frequent attacks in at the hands of Al-Shabaab militants.

According to CNN, Christians have been facing repetitive attacks from the Al-Shabaab militants in the North Eastern Province in Kenya. As a result of these attacks so far, hundreds of Christians have lost their lives.

Most of the Christians in Garissa town are too scared to sleep inside the town. The scared Christians have decided to relocate and move to the other side of the river to safety.

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A Christian woman and a mother of three who crossed the bridge on foot says, “It is because of Al-Shabaab that I moved out of Garissa. You can be shot anytime while you are walking. Even when we’re at home they can just come from the bush.”

It was earlier this year in April, that Al-Shabaab attacked the Garissa University in northern Kenya and separated Christian students from their Muslim classmates, the militants killed 147 Christian students and wounded numerous. As a result of this, the university is empty.

Nontheless, still at the Sunday Mass in Garissa’s Cathedral, the pews are full. The congregation prays under strict armed guard but they’re still praying despite much anticipated attacks from Al-Shabaab. The militant group had threatened Christians saying, ”Worship here and you will die.”

On the other hand, a Christian priest who is determined not to flee and stay in Garissa says, “We are people of God, we are people of faith. God never abandons us and maybe in moments when we feel that we are left on our own. There are those moments that God might be very close to us. Even if we don’t feel him.”