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Worshipers pray for conversion of hearts of terrorists at memorial service for Christians gunned down by ISIS


On April 8, in excess of 300 worshipers gathered to attend the memorial service of Christians who were gunned down by the terrorists on April 2. This service was organized in Lahore, where the worshipers offered prayers for the conversion of hearts of the terrorists who had perpetrated the attack. On April 2, Easter Monday gunmen opened indiscriminate fire on four Christians killing them all outside their house in Shah Zaman neighborhood of Quetta.

Christians killed in Quetta

The slain Christians included a rickshaw driver, a woman and two men all members of same family. Three of them had traveled to Quetta to celebrate Easter with their relatives. The rickshaw driver Pervaiz Masih was buried following day in Quetta. While the dead bodies of the rest of the deceased were flown to Lahore and were buried in Gharyal Kalan village.

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Terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility of the attack. The group released press statement claiming that a “covert unit” of ISIS militants “managed to target a number of the combatant Christians.” It was also stated that the gunmen “shot them with a pistol, which resulted in the killing of four of them……”

16-year-old daughter of the deceased woman narrated the incident to ucanews.com. The girl who is an eye witness detailed: “We were going to eat ice cream and my mother and three uncles were already inside the tuk-tuk. Suddenly two men, whose faces were covered in a white cloth, riding a motorcycle arrived in our street. After taking a turn, they opened fire at us. I rushed my siblings inside and locked the gates. My father ran outside but they had died. We could not do anything.”

She expressed unwavering determination to remain steadfast and resumed school along with her two younger siblings. “I am trying to be strong for them. We often cry at nights. We were visiting Quetta for the first time to seek a marriage proposal for my uncle from Dubai. I shall never forget this Easter vacation,” she told ucanews.com.