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Yemen: A church built in British colonial era blown up by unknown assailants


Christians in Yemen

A church blown up in Aden, as Yemen continues to grapple with the cataclysmic wave of violence and conflicts.

An abandoned Catholic church located in the southern part of Aden, was blown up by unknown assailants on Wednesday, December 9. While speaking in this regard, one of the residents of the area told the media, “The gunmen, who were probably extremists, blew up the Catholic church in the Mualla district of Aden. We heard a strong explosion which sent a big plume of smoke into the air and afterward saw that the building was completely destroyed.”

The church which had been blown up was called the Immaculate Conception Church, which was built during the British colonial era in the 1960s. Prior to this attack, the church already had sustained extensive damage caused by a Saudi-led coalition air strike previously this year in May.

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Yemen has been grappling with conflicts since six months as Houthi fighters and a coalition headed by Saudi Arabia have waged war against each other. As a result of this war about 6,000 people have already lost lives. Oxfam has described the situation in Yemen as, “The world’s largest forgotten emergency.”

Aden was once a cosmopolitan city which was home to booming Hindu and Christian communities. In the wake of violence, the small Christian population residing in Aden left the city long ago. This is not a new incident when Christian community had been targeted, previously, unknown assailants had vandalized a Christian cemetery and set another church on fire earlier this year.