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Yemen: Unknown men set a church on fire after looting it



A church set on fire by unknown men in Yemen after alleged robbery.

According to reports by Fides, a church was targeted in Yemen when unknown men looted the church and afterwards set it on fire. The Church of the Holy Family in Aden, Yemen was subject to looting by assailants who still remain unidentified.

Locals are of an opinion, that the assailants could be from a terror group al Qaeda, which is deeply rooted in the region. Aden is a port city, located in the south of Yemen, was captured back few months ago security forces who have allegiance with President Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The region is undergoing a conflict with Houthi rebels.

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Few days back, the Prime Minister of Yemen Khaled Bahah had visited Aden, along with a delegation including seven members of the government which went in exile. Previously, Saudi Arabia in May carried out bombings in Yemen and hit the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Later on, the Houthi rebels occupied the church in early May.

It was also reported that four Indian priests were effectively carrying out the service of pastoral care for the small local Christian community before the conflict started.

However, Sisters of Mother Teresa have been representing Christianity in the region since past few decades; which is a powerful expression of presence of Christians in Yemen. Sisters of Mother Teresa, started charity work in four different cities of Yemen serving the elderly, disabled and the sick in these cities.