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You can’t remove the cross in our hearts, Chinese Christians say


christians in china

Chinese Christians hold prayer service outside government office.

According to details, several churches held a prayer service outside a government office as the crosses demolition drive continues. These Christians were holding up crosses and banners that read, “Can’t remove the cross in our hearts.”

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Chinese government has carried out the crosses demolition drive, accordingly removing several crosses from various churches. The communist Chinese government
has authorised the police to arrest those Christians who oppose the demolition.

Lude Wang in a Pushi Institute for Social Science analysis says, “The cross dispute is “destined to become one of the ‘pain points’ in the history of the Chinese church’s development.”

“At its core, the Zhejiang Cross Dispute has revealed that in light of the backdrop of a new society, neither the church nor the state has sufficiently prepared to enter into a mature and constructive dialogue; nor have they shown a readiness to settle their differences and conflicts on the basis if the rule of law,” she wrote.

“How the church will coexist within a community holding different values to itself is an urgent question,” she concluded.