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You want to say NO to Christmas ? Think again !


We as Christians living in these modern times, are witnessing anti Christ spirit on its rise.


It is not only attacking us from the enemies side but also it is present around us in a disguised  even under a christian mask. These are the times when as christian we need to be very clear and focused on our faith as what we are actually believing while calling ourselves Christians.

Christmas and Easter are two occasions when all Christians around the world are united for their faith under the banner of one name, Jesus Christ.

These are two occasions when the unity of Christians is enhanced, witnessed around the world. Many come to know Jesus through the message of these two celebrations. The power of Christ on this earth is shown and revealed to many. The church attendance increases and the gospel sharing is facilitated and is widespread. People come to know about
Jesus’ birth and resurrection. This the time of the year when you hear about it everywhere on media also.

Who should be against all this? The spirit of anti Christ.

The spirit of anti Christ is threatened by all this. From a long time, anti Christians wanted all this to stop.They have been inventing different reasons, and now we see them getting a bit of success as many Christians have also joined them in this propaganda against Christmas and Easter/ the resurrection day.

Our salvation is not based on the celebration of these two occasions, but it is turned into a very serious debate within the christian circles by the Christians themselves.What will actually happen if we all stop celebrating it?

My faith in Christ will become too private and personal. In times when we need to be united for it and shout it loud ,we all would be like quiet and hidden in our homes. Not many people will ask you about your faith.
People want you to stop talking about Jesus and this is exactly what will happen.

Today we need to be careful as not to become a tool in the hands of anti Christians spirits working in many forms.
For me Jesus ‘ birth and resurrection both are reasons to celebrate and those who wants to stop it, needs to revise, whom they are working for.