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Youhanabad incident: 13 Christians arrested over charges of damaging government property granted bail


Youhanabad, Lahore

13 Christians who were hooked over charges of damaging government property, have been granted bail.

In line with details, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has accepted the bail pleas of 13 Christians who were arrested on charges of damaging government properties after two bomb blasts in two separate churches in the Christian neighbourhood.

A total of 13 Christians have been granted bail, while at the same time 41 more Christians are still behind the bars on the charges of lynching two Muslims, whom they suspected to be terrorists involved in the attacks. Reports reveal that police has lodged three separate FIRs against some 500-600 unknown Christians. In the wake of this FIR housing complaint against “unknown Christians” police can hook any Christian regardless of him being involved or not.

The FIRs that were filed against these “unknown Christians” have been filed under several sections of the Pakistan Penal Code; including terrorism also. Nonetheless, several Christians arrested soon after the incident were granted bail previously in July, this year.

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On the contrary, a majority of the Christians who were arrested by the police under these charges have sternly denied to have been involved in these crimes. What is more, they are of the opinion that they are being targeted by the law authorities and the police and are being knotted in false charges.

Seeing this scenario, local Christian leaders have also expressed their concerns and great apprehension over the fact that police can arrest any Christian in this case. However, many of the Christian leaders have tried to raise the issue in front of the authorities yet, thus far no concrete steps have been taken by the government to prevent arrest on innocent Christians in this case.

Nonetheless, these Christians are receiving legal aid from a local NGO namely CLAAS. Moreover, CLAAS is also ministering legal aid to other Christians who are still behind the bars in the same case.

In March, earlier this year, two separate churches in Youhanabad were attacked by suicide bombers. As a result of these two suicide blasts local Christians suffered as, at least 14 were killed and 78 were reportedly injured.