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Young Christian Girl Abducted And Forcibly Converted To Islam In Rahim Yar Khan


15 years old Christian girl Komal Yousaf, was abducted and by force converted to Islam in Rahim Yar Khan. In Rahim Yar Khan more than 3,000 Christians resides.

Girls from minority religions are not safe in Pakistan.
Girls from minority religions are not safe in Pakistan.



Yousaf Masih and his family were living in Sadiq Bazar. But on 4th March Komal Yousaf was abducted and then forced to convert to Islam. Yousaf Masih and his wife Rubina worked in a factory to feed their family. Muhammad Aslam who worked in the same factory as in charge again and again offers them to accept Islam so he can marry their daughter Komal. He is already married and has 2 Children.


On 24th February, Muhammad Aslam along with some Islamist came to victim’s house and forced them to convert their faith to Islam, and when Yousaf and his wife decline Aslam’s offer he and his associates left in anger. Yousaf Masih complained this to the manager of the factory Jabran Hussian but he did not take any action against Muhammad Aslam.


On 4th March when Yousaf and his wife were on their work, they got a call from a neighbor who told them that Muhammad Aslam along with few armed men intruded in their house and had taken their daughter Komal.


When the couple rushed to home and find the same they went to the local police station for registering FIR against culprit. But Police refused to registered FIR and stated that your daughter has accepted Islam and got married to Muhammad Aslam.


Muhammad Aslam and Muslim Cleric Qari Javed bully Yousaf’s family that if they did not stop following the girl they will kill them, they again offer them if they convert to Islam they can meet their family.


Yousaf Masih contacted Pastor David, who is his cousin from Multan. He immediately called NGO WVIP for assistance. WVIP started making efforts to rescue the girl, however police was not co-operating at all. On 15th March with the efforts of NGO and Local Muslim lawyer, culprit was forced to produce girl in the committee which was design to settle in clash. When Komal was produced she told that he by force took me from her house and took her signatures on papers. She also told that Muhammad Aslam also sexually assaulted her in all these days.


Targeting the Minor Christian and Minority girls in Pakistan is a pleasure full event for Muslim males. There are hundreds of girls like Komal who was abducted rape and then forcibly converted to Islam.