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Young Christian leader calls for revocation of blasphemy laws


A young Pakistan Christian leader, Shalokh Irfan has urged for revocation of blasphemy laws which are being used to target minorities specially Christians. While remaking in this regard, he said that religious minorities living in the country are not safe – “rather in every age, the churches of the Christians and even their colonies have been smashed by burning. Due to the reason the minorities are always in the state of threat, harassment and insecurity.”

Pakistani Christians persecuted

Shalokh further put his perspective forward and said that all the laws entertaining discrimination against the religious minorities must be done away with; He demanded that non-Muslim Pakistanis should be bestowed with equal rights. “We demand from government that all discriminatory laws against Christians including blasphemy law should be curved and ended up instantly.”

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He emphasized that all the minorities living in Pakistan are nationalistic and are playing an equal part in the progress of Pakistan. He added that minorities are facing increasingly disturbing intolerance and partiality – which hampers the prosperity of minorities.

He whined that Christians are forced to live as second class citizens in their own homeland. He called upon the members of parliament to pay heed to the cries of minorities. He said that the leaders must focus on solving the issues of minorities. He said that all such laws that are being misused to target minorities must be dealt with.