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Young Christians need to be merciful says a Pakistani priest


Pakistani Catholic priest, has asserted that the “Young people need to be involved, to experience mercy and to give mercy. Thus the Jubilee makes sense for them.” Father Jahanzeb Iqbal, a priest from Lahore has laid stress on the involvement of young people in the acts of mercy.

Pakistani prests

Father Jahanzeb Iqbal, is rector of Saint Anthony’s and Director of the Youth Ministry Service of the Lahore Archdiocese. Father Jahanzeb Iqbal, is striving to uphold the spirit of mercy. Throughout the Jubilee year, Father Iqbal has been promoting mercy, through exceptional programs and events in which “young Christians practice the works of mercy.”

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As a result of the programmes initiated by him, young Christians pay visits to hospitals located in meager neighborhoods in Lahore and its suburbs. These youngsters visit hospitals on regular basis and also visit underprivileged families and prepare and distribute food to them. Additionally these youngsters also serve food to beggars.

“One goes to celebrate Mass and bring joy in marginalized communities, and young people entertain children belonging to disadvantaged families” said Father Iqbal. “Mercy marks their lives and their experience and this makes mercy not an abstract word, but something extremely concrete: it is the closeness to every human suffering” he continued.

According to a careful estimate, there are about 50,000 Catholic Christian youngsters in 26 parishes of the Lahore Archdiocese. These Catholic youngsters have welcomed this enterprise, with eagerness and fervor. In addition to this, Father Iqbal has also planned to lead a delegation of Pakistani Christian youth to WYD in Krakow.

“The priorities for young Pakistani Catholics is certainly education, especially very qualified education, since, once they finish high school, very few are able to pay college tuition costs, given the impossibility of their families” Father Iqbal said.

In addition, to this, he went on to say, “One works for dialogue and peace, in order for citizens to be ready to build ties of harmony and reconciliation in society, especially with young Muslims.”