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You Will See This 17 Years Christian Boy Soon In Coke Studio


A 17 years old boy named Annan Noukhez is a newly arising young Talent in Pakistan. When he was 12 he had his first guitar. In his family everyone knows how to play some musical instruments so it was not tough for him to learn how to hold and play the guitar. His father Noukhez Yousaf inspired and motivated him to play guitar.

Annan Noukhez Yousaf Chand

He started playing guitar in his church on Sundays and at different occasions. At first he was just a rhythm player and always used to be on back. After sometime, he wanted to play solo while rhythms but he was not able to do that. Then his father’s friend Salman Albert helped him to practice soloing.

In year 2013 he started proper his guitar practices, and as he mentioned used to practice daily for 3-4 hours continuously. Even his fingertips used to bleed out sometimes. In 2014 when he wasin class 8 in the St’ Peter’s High school, he started playing with underground singers. Besides that he used to play gospel music but his genres of music were Prog (progressive) Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll, Pop & Rock etc.

In the middle of 2014 his father created a band with some great musicians in industries, Noukhez Yousaf on drums, Farhan Albert on Keyboards, Abid Khan on Bass, Salman Albert on Lead guitars and he was on rhythms. This was the first band in which he started playing properly. And with this band his musical journey beings.

In 2015 he started playing studio recordings and also learned some studio work from his teacher Imran Khalil who is one of the best studio engineers in Pakistan. In the middle of 2015 government started a project called ‘Alhamra Unplugged’. He got a call from them and was selected as a lead guitarist. It was a big moment from him because it was a government project.

The mentor of the season Alhamra Unplugged Mr. Abubakar Javed trusted him and made him a director of production team. Then his busy days started because he learned how to manage studies and professional carrier together.
In 2016 he played with various artists like Nauman Javaid, Faraz Nayyer, Haris Javed,Ahsan Najam and much more. 2016 was a hard year for him because no big opportunities were coming for him though he was playing in many shows with different underground artists. Doing practice on daily basis.

1st January 2017 in the morning he got a call from Kami Paul and he said “Annan, Ali Noor (Noori’s Vocalist/Guitarist) wants to meet you at 12pm so please come on time don’t be late.” He got curios that what is going on.

He told his family that he got a call from Noori. His dad got excited and hugged me. Well he met Ali Noor and join as a lead guitarist . He auditioned him and liked his playing. He gave him 50 songs to learn in 3 days. After 3 days it was his final audition he played “Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan” and “O re” from Noori in front of Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, Kami Paul .. after he played “O re” solo, Ali Noor got excited and started jumping and said “I got my guitar player which I wanted from 10 years” that moment was really imaginary for him. Later he played in 10 shows with Noori. Experienced full luxuries and royalties during this he had his final exams of matriculation which he passed with very great marks. He worked with them till August 2017 then Ali Noor announced a break for 5 years.

Annan Noukhez Yousaf Chand with noori the band

He got admission in FC College on music base. After Noori he got a call from Raga Boyz (sons of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan Sahab) and Bilal Saeed. On interviewing him he told CIP that “2017 was a year of full surprises and Blessings from God Almighty!

This Year (2018) he started with some studies stuff in majority. Last month he got a call from Waqar Peter Gill manger of the legendary singer Mr. Javed Bashir the pride of Pakistan. Singer of Meekal Hassan Band. It was not an easy thing to play with Javed Bashir right now. He added, this is all because of the motivation and prayers from his parents and family. Currently he is playing with Raga Boyz, Bilal Saeed and Javed Bashir. Also doing some solo projects , gospel projects and doing studio works. He is just 17 years old now but by the Grace of God he is playing with some senior, great, crazy musicians and artists out there.

“In next 7-8 years I want to see myself as a best music producer of Pakistan and want to do some more big national and International projects”, he said.

My message for the youth is that “ Just be yourself. Do that thing in which you’re perfect. If you know how to do it, You can do it and you can achieve your goals easily if you have on yourself!”
Best wishes for Annan Noukhez!