Aya Sony Waly Jaag

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, Isaiah 61:1


The above verse represents the ideology of great Gospel singer Anil Kant, who is serving Heavenly Father with his singing and spreading His message all around the world. Anil travels all over the world proclaiming and singing the gospel. This is a beautiful album is also one of those steps by Pastor Anil Kant, he has presented himself and his family in steps of Heavenly God. These Masihi Geets have foundations from the Holy Bible’s scriptures because Anil Kant believes that the words from Bible can build up all broken hearts and souls. His every Masihi geet is from the teachings of Holy Bible. Music of this album is soft and melodius, a treat for ears. This album begins with Jesus’ taught Lord’s Prayer. This Particular Masihi Geet is sung by a woman and a child. It has an innocence of child’s sinless heart with a melodious tune. Later Kant sung on behalf of a child’s heart that sees his family causing disasters and destroying others life. It has an essence of inter-faith harmony. It reflects what young ones perceive and evaluate it. This is a great effort he made to convey the theme of Bible “LOVE”. We must follow our basic faith “love” for everyone as Jesus showed us.

Get blessing for this melodious spiritual treat.

  • 1 – Tari Gali Tara Sahar
  • 2 – Mummy
  • 3 – Mujh Pa Karam Kr
  • 4 – Mubark Ha Wo Adami Jo Pap K
  • 5 – Aya Humary Bap Tu Jo Asaman Pa Ha