Aye Meray Baadshah

At the right time, he will make him known. God is the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords. 1Timothy 6:15


Pastor Anil Kant is a server of Heavenly Father, who serves Him by spreading His words through his singing. This album is exactly the same effort. This album is a melodic combination of words from Holy Bible; both Old Testament and New Testament. It has Geet aur zaboor from the book of Zaboor and Gospels. This album conveys the words of our Holy Scripture in a manner full and harmonized way. Music of this album is also made to meet the inspiration from the part of the Bible it refers. There is a special treat for heart in this album, it describes how God created world in seven days.

Every Masihi Geet of this album varies from others in listed. Its Masihi Geets are both in English and Hindi but Hindi used in album is easy to understand like a general Urdu vocabulary. This album is unique in its own style. When a Masihi Geet is from the Zaboor, it praises just like David did and praises referring God as the Lord of His beloved nation ‘Israel’. Later when Masihi Geets turns their theme towards the New Testament in the direction of Christ Jesus, Anil praise Him for His might and thank Him for His unconditional love for sinners.

Join Anil Kant in his efforts to spread God’s word and while listening welcome God in your open heart.

  • 1 – Aao Khuda K Ghar Chalain
  • 2 – Aiy Mere Baadshah
  • 3 – Haleluia
  • 4 – I Will Call Upon The Lord
  • 5 – Jesus Power Super Power
  • 6 – Roshni Ho gai
  • 7 – Tu To hai Haq
  • 8 – Ya Bez ki Duwa
  • 9 – Yesu Tujhe Pyar Karta