Khuda Sy Pyar Kro/Pray for India

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.” Luke 10:27 Anil-kant This melodious album is themed on Bible references mentioning to love Him. It has collaborations from late legendary singer Jugjit Singh. All of its Masihi Geets are a delight for a believer’s soul.

Anil Kant has put his heart and soul to spread Gospel with his this effort. Each of the words of Masihi Geets got its words from the Holy Bible. All references from Bible make it wonderful gift for the believers’ soul. This album has something which none of Anil Kant’s other album have. It has testimony of Anil kant and his wife Reena Kant, where they both spread their experience why and how they come to God and accepted Him as their only savior. Masihi Geet of this collection praise Jesus again and again as their source of strength. Singing a new song praises will lead others to see the might of His love and sacrifices Messiah made for sinned mankind. With a high sound He must be praised. Each and every voice must rise to serve and thank Him for His unconditional love and sacrifices. He is the only God and He gave us right to thank Him and named after His as Christians.

Get inspired by Anil kant and his wife Reena Kant’s testimony and worship God with them while listening these Masihi Geets.
May God be with us. HALLELUIAH

  • 1 – Anil Kant Testimonial
  • 2 – Aya Dunya K Logo Onchi Awaz Kro
  • 3 – Khuda Sy Maango Mily Ga Uss Ka Wada Ha Wo Dy Ga
  • 4 – Meri Rooh Khuda Ki Pyasi Ha
  • 5 – Mari Rooh Khuda Main Magan Ha
  • 6 – Sing Unto The LORD A New Song