Pala Tara Pharya

2 Timothy 3:6

All that is written in the holy writings comes from the Spirit of God. The holy writings are good for these things: to teach people, to show them when they are wrong, to make them see what is right, to teach them to do what is right.


Anil kant continued his unique style of Masihi geets again in this magnificent album. All of the Masihi geets in this album are taken from holy words from Bible. Each one of them has a unique essence. Masihi geet “Jeevan ki khoj mein nikla” is a different from every other of his Masihi geet, this Masihi geet portrays his own journey of searching truth of life, which lead him to Christ and eventually it concluded in feet of Jesus. There he found life and light to follow.

This Masihi geet also shows a person’s condition before salvation. These geet aur zaboor have a blissful set of rhythms and lyrics. Masihi geet “Maan pheera lo” is a musical message to turn heart and soul from evil and sins to Jesus as The Kingdom of Heaven is soon to arrive. As one day everyone will parish and the only way for sinners is towards hell. That only offers pain and suffering. By turning to Jesus and his enlighten way is the only way for happiness in after life. By hold His pierced hand everyone who accepted Him will be lead to the New Jerusalem.

Get Anil’s message of turning to God and have blessing from Heavenly father.

  • 1 – Asi Rooti Dy Mujh ko Asa Pani Dy Mujh ko
  • 2 – Darya Shefa Ka Yesu Masih Beta Khuda Ka Yesu Masih
  • 3 – Jai Masih Aanand Otsav
  • 4 – Jeevan Ki Kohj Main Nikla Ra
  • 5 – Maan Pheera Lo
  • 6 – Pala Tara Pharya Ta Paar Lag Jawan Ga
  • 7 – Wishwas Parkha Jaya Ga Aanad Samjho
  • 8 – Yesi Masih Ki Jai