Wo Masihi Ho Ga

This album begins with the words from the book of Genesis and explains the beginning. These Masihi Geets have extraction from the Holy Bible’s scriptures, as Anil Kant believes that the words from Bible can build up all wrecked hearts and spirits. This album defines who actually will be considered as a Christian.


There is a Masihi geet with English rapping to get attention of today’s youth. Every Masihi geet of this album is a part of Bible, as it is from the teachings of Holy Bible. Music of this album is soft and melodious, a joy to hear. This album conveys the words of our Holy Scripture in a manner full and blesses full way. Esaliy understandable Hindi, Punjabi and English is used to convey message for different age group listeners. Jugjit singh also sung a melodious Geet. His wife Reena again supported Anil in his adventure.

It further explains a sinner’s condition, who is desperate for forgiveness and deliverance from sins. He pleas for his rescue. All of these Masihi Geets are a delight for a believer’s soul. Anil Kant has put his heart and soul to spread Gospel with his this effort. Masihi Geet “Tera Laho Saf Krta hy” acknowledges God’s sacrifice. His love took all of our sins and placed on his sinless Son “Jesus”. It also elaborate might of Jesus’ holy blood.

Worship God with singers while listening these geet aur zaboor and open heart to their message. May God be with every one of us and bless us all. Amen

  • 1 – Ibtada Main Kalam Tha Kalam Khuda K Sath Tha
  • 2 – Kab Tak Khuda Mary Kab Tak
  • 3 – Mary Yesu Mary Papan Dy lie Suli Chat Gia Jai
  • 4 – Reshton Main Dara Ai
  • 5 – Tara Laho Saf Krta Ha Tara Laho Jeevan Data Ha
  • 6 – Tum Ny Suli Pa Latkty Dakha Ho Ga