Gadi Chali Yesu

Bulbir Sufi is a singer across border from India. He serves God with his singing and spreading the good news of the Gospels. This album is theme on convincing others to follow the way of Jesus. It has pepi music and motivational lyrics. Selection of words is made with great concern. It is a Punjabi based album with traditional touch. Several traditional Punjabi musical instruments are used in background scores to provide a cultural effect.

These Geet aur Zaboor show cases mankind as a passenger, whose life is a journey and heaven and hell is their destination. It is up to them which path they choose. This materialistic world is just an inn to stay. At the point of death mankind reaches to its destination. Therefore it is important to make their decision now. Time of Jesus’ return is close and the predictions about His arrival are fulfilling now.

Further these Masihi geets spread happiness and joy of Jesus’ name. They highlight His name the most beautiful and blissful name within the universe. He is light of universe and bread of life. Wealth of whole planet is worthless in front of Him. Masihi Geet “Yasu da sleeb utha lo” describes about the blood dripping on the Cross and as the Holy Blood dribble our burden of sins get lighten. He suffered pain for our freedom.

Remember His sacrifices and choose your own path as the time has come to reach our destination. Lets pray in front of our Redeemer and choose the right path.

  • 1 – Gadi Chili Yasu Naam Di
  • 2 – Jari Peeti Lath Jandhi
  • 3 – Mera Ser Hay Amaanat Yasu Di
  • 4 – Musfer Ayee Janday Nay
  • 5 – Oo Din Aa Gaye Nayray
  • 6 – Sarray Jag Say Payara Yasu Naam
  • 7 – Yasu Da Saleeb Utay Lahoo