Andheeron mein Ujala

Andheeron Mein Ujala

In “Andheeron mein Ujala” Ernest mall praises Christ Jesus. The name of album is very much wisely chosen as Jesus is light of hope and eternal life in the darkness of sins and the name clearly matches its hymns. This album also has contributions of Rev. Subhash Gill. For me this album is not only praises but also it is advice to young generation. As Ernest Mall mostly sung on classical beats but this one is different it has some catchy and innovative tunes which attract youngsters. In this album he has thanked Jesus about His sacrifices he made for mankind. It’s very first track is very much unusual from the rest of the album, in it he recommend others to follow Christ as He can only give comfort. In later tracks he visualizes Christ to be always in front of him and he praise it. He present himself in foots of Christ as there is no one like Him and never can be. He advises that everyone must carry their own cross to be succeeded. This album is not just praising but inspirational as well at the same moment.

  • 1 – Aao Aao Yesu Ko Sajda
  • 2 – Ankh Khuli Ya Bnd Ho
  • 3 – Ankh Khuli Ya Bnd Ho(2)
  • 4 – Aradhana Ho Teri
  • 5 – Aye Hai Aye Hai
  • 6 – Aye Hain Aye Hain
  • 7 – Mujhe Tujh Se Pyar
  • 8 – Tu Aa Zara Kareeb
  • 9 – Tu Chamakta Rahe
  • 10 – Yesu Yesu Yesu