Bara Din Mana-E – Urdu – Hindi – Christmas Songs

Bara Din Mana-E

Most of the time we never think that why Christmas is “Bara Din” in Urdu, we just take it as a translation but the fact is that it is a day of joy for every Christian, rightfully a big day and therefore in Urdu we call it “Bara Din” and in this album “Bara Din Mana-E” Ernest Mall clearly represent the significance of this big day. Songs again and again says Jesus is King of kings, Prince of peace has come. It is completely themed on Christmas and joys that it brings with it. The album contains songs for listener of any age. Especially song “Dhere Dhere” is a catchy Christmas themed song for children. All the song represents his own happiness on birth of God’s only Son. Each song is unique in its own way. Every song represents the meaning and significance of Christmas. Songs also tells the story of all incidents that occur on Christmas. Hymns clearly represent Christ as Messiah, Prince of Peace, born to Virgin Mary. In hymn “Puju na” he spellbinds by its lyrics, he asks why I don’t worship Jesus; You are my hope and King. Who came to destructible world as the compensation for the sinners, its Jesus, its Jesus. Jesus is our faith; His teachings help us to improve and follow His teaching. This album shows why we should celebrate the day of our Redeemer. Christmas is not a day for new cloths and parties it’s about to remember the greatness of a Father, Who sent His only Son to clear all hurdles caused by human sins.

  • 1-Aya Ha
  • 2-Bhara Din
  • 3-Dekho To
  • 4-Dhere Dhere
  • 5-Dunya Mai
  • 6-Jis Ki Janib
  • 7-Mithi Mithi
  • 8-Pujo Na
  • 9-Pyar He
  • 10-Shafie Insa