Barey Din Ka Rung – Urdu – Hindi – Christmas Songs

Barey Din Ka Rung

Like the name of this album, Ernest Mall presents the beauty of the first Christmas ever. The album contains hymns in both Urdu and Punjabi languages. It is a Christmas present for listeners. Hymns show the happiness this sinner world gets on the birth of Redeemer. Even the flowers bloomed with joy and long wait of mankind ended; the prophesized Son of God born in the city of David. This Christmas devoted album is based on the birth of Christ. All incidents are separately mentioned in it. These hymns visualize the whole story in front of eyes. Ernest Mall teaches the accurate worth of the historical incident by giving it name of “A Great Blessing”. Jesus is the flower of the barren earth which was caused by mankind deadly sins. Our Redeemer is “Prince of Peace”, “King of kings” and “way of freedom from our sins”. He is our reason to love. The album further explains Jesus’ teachings. He is in every heart, he will erase hatred. It also shed light on world before Jesus came to buy us with His own blood. Hymn “tazagi k din” is totally about blessings that He brought with Him to the people buried under their and their forefathers sins. Son of God is unique; He is our savior who didn’t asked casts or ethnicity. He shed His blood for everyone, for every generation equally. This album spreads the happiness of Christmas among listeners. It’s the day of sharing happiness and joy of Christian community.

  • 2-Alem-e-Bala Par
  • 3-Boliaan
  • 4-Chamka Sitara
  • 5-Kuch Ajab Fazal
  • 6-Kuch Ajab Fazal(2)
  • 7-Sulha Ka Shahzada
  • 8-Tazgi Kay Din
  • 9-Tazgi Kay Din(2)
  • 10-Vada Din Aya
  • 11-Vajday Ne Dhol
  • 12-Yesu Yesu