Ghazal Ernest Mall

Ernest mall Ghazals

It is a beautiful collection of classical ghazals from Ernest Mall. They are collected from different performances by late servant of God. Its music reminds the essence of Laknavi taste. In background scores only eastern musical instruments are used to keep its uniqueness protected. It’s a great effort from people who came together for these flawless compositions. There is poetry in honor of Jesus as well. Applause behind shows the appreciation witness there have for singer. All of the ghazals are themed regarding Christ. Even Christ is not visible to naked eye but affection for Him keeps Him close to heart. There beautiful lyrics fascinate a human’s feelings. Except the last ghazal every single one admires Him, every word respects Him and His sacrifices, love and devotion towards sinners is saluted. Ernest Mall’s explaining and talking to audience shows his sincerity and affection towards Christian ideologies are admirable. Every ghazal displays the personality and events Jesus faced. His magical words give a great persona on Jesus’ personality. “Raitelay tiloon pe ghar” also tells about parables Jesus used to teach people. The last ghazal “sans se bhi kareeb” is like a personal prospective or massage for Jesus. It shows the love He had for us. It’s a call from Him to people; as in Matthew 11: 28 Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. It have spectacular selection of words as it is meant to be from Jesus’ stance, lyricist have done tremendous job.

  • 1-Ankh Se Dur Sahi
  • 2-Dil Mein Aane Nahi
  • 3-Mujhe Apne Lahu Ka Rang
  • 4-Pyar Ka Qisa Kaise
  • 5-Raitelay Kiloon Pe Ghar
  • 6-Sans Se Bhi Kareeb