Laskaran Da Khuda

Laskaran da khuda

Album Laskaran da khuda is based on applause to God. Album “Laskaran da khuda” is a fine combination Masihi geet aur Zaboor.

As Psalm 150:6 says “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” Famous Zaboor 16, 51, 63, 84, 96 and 119 are part of this album.

Also it has a nice collection of Masihi geet. As we know Zaboor is part of old testament, its essence is there. All of the selected Zaboors praise Lord Almighty. All Zaboors collectively presents a story.

First of all Ernest Mall present himself to Him and urge Heavenly Lord to grant well being. Later he praises Him for the blessing he got. And finally he praise God for salvation and goodness he received. Selection of Zaboors are made very carefully, it represents the life of a believer.

It shows how people seek God and then serve Him. How the transition happens at different stages of faith. There can be no god like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s God. He is the savior and nurturer. Like title of album it describes properly “Laskaran da khuda.” All Masihi geets are based on Jesus.

They describe the oneness of Him and His nobility. There can be no one who can love similarly like him. I should get low and He will raise high and high. Blood of Christ cleanses me daily and I will be proud of it. We are His church. I want to live with Holy Spirit to praise You

Get blessing from “Laskaran da khuda” by hearing this album.

  • 1-Dekh Khuda Tu Dil Di
  • 2-Aao ik Nawa Geet Rab
  • 3-Aya Khudawand Khuda
  • 4-Aya Khudawanda Mare
  • 5-Khudawanda Tu Lashkaran
  • 6-Mere Yahwa Jesa
  • 7-Tarke Mein Teinu Dhoonda
  • 8-Tere Najaat Dy Shook