Mehfil Masiha Ki

Mehfil Masiha Ki

This album is set up on Jesus Christ. All Masihi geets can be further classified in to two subs. It has Masihi geets from the prospective of Christ, His message for today’s Christians and the others are from a noble Christian, who loves to serve Him and are not afraid of earthly temptations. This time there is a unique set of music, even the first Masihi geets had a Balochi themed music. It has a cultural feel.

These geet aur zaboor presents a positivity of a soul. His name is the supreme of all names. His blood saves the offenders. His love is same for each and everyone. The Holy blood didn’t come from an animal but from the only living God.

Masihi geet “Chhaya charoon taraf” is based on welcoming Jesus again to world, which will bring eternal peace. To receive Him a person should be modest and acknowledge his sins to Jesus. He will be supple to those who accept Him open heartily. His name is enchanted. His position is above all.

In Masihi geet “Aye mere mehboob” Jesus is questioning humans why the left love and joined hand with devil. If humans didn’t confronts their sins they will suffer hardships and live in frustration. Christ hugged death and prevail it to save humans. He is our master and He releases us from eternal sins. This album is a bundle to joy and realize what is present and absent in our lives.

Go ahead and feel blessed with the collection and welcome Jesus with open arms.

  • Khudawand Saray Papoon
  • Yesu Kay Lahu Ko
  • Aye Meray Mahboob
  • Chhaya Charoon Taraf
  • Guzra Hay Wo In Rahoon
  • Lahu Lahu Yesu Ka
  • Mehfil Masih Ki
  • Pak Rooh Hum Yesu
  • Tery Naan Toon Shana