Special Release 2005

This album is a collection of Rev. Ernest Mall’s Masihi Geets and Zaboors in year 2005. It also has a good number of Masihi Geets and Zaboors by Rev. Subhash Gill. Famous zaboor “Rab Khudawand Badshah Hai” is here with a new and energetic tune. Attractive tunes and lyrics in Urdu and Punjabi automatically acquire attention of listeners. This album has a prospective towards God’s praises and admiration for His love that he sacrificed His only Son to remove all hurdles between human beings and Him for generations.

First and for most this album welcome Christ to take His nation with Him to the heavens. He is praised for His true love and affection. He bared pain with smile for us when hunters pealed out His skin. He gave His life happily for us. Let’s praise him for it with our singing and musical instruments. He is our King; He is above all governments on earth. No one is as mighty as our Messiah. His blessings are always with us. We must be thankful to Jesus for His love and blessings upon us. All of the mankind must come together and worship Him.

Let’s come together and praise Him. Listen these Masihi Geet and Zaboor for encouragement.

  • 1-Terieen Safiteen Lakh De
  • 2-Aa Yesu Je Aa Dulhan
  • 3-Chalani Chalani Ho gia
  • 4-Phol Kantoon Main
  • 5-Rab Khudawand Baadshah
  • 6-Sada Tekar Hai Rahmat
  • 7-Sareyo laukoon Saday
  • 8-Halleluya Sana Gao Ossdi