Yesu Da Salaam

John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This album is in Urdu and Punjabi languages where servants of God, Rev. Subhash Gill and late Rev. Ernest Mall joined hand together to spread message of God in a beautiful manner. It had heart touching and blessing full classical and youthful tunes and lyrics. Masihi Geet “Rab de kalam” truly shoe case their idea regarding this beautiful album. From freedom from sins our Messiah came to us. He opened the route that leads towards heaven. He traveled from manger to cross for us. Our Messiah came to us. He gave us countless blessings. He loved us so much that He born as a human and left heaven for us. He is the only living being who deserve our applauses and love. The darkest night of sins and brutality has finished when He came down for us. He defeated dead and concurred crypt.

Our today’s happiness is all thanks to Christ, our Lord. True happiness comes for Him. His commands and teachings must be an integral part of our souls. By His beautiful name we get everything from Lord our God, our heavenly Father. His name opened our ways towards Father.
May you all share this happiness with others and have a good time while listening these Masihi Geets.

  • 1-Aakhaan De Vich Mera
  • 2-Rub Da Kalam Le
  • 3-Aya Papeen De Gulami
  • 4-Kalam De Mai
  • 5-Socchein Kushiyan Milyaan
  • 6-Muk-Gi Andrieen De Raat
  • 7-Aakhaan Lageen Yesu De

By Christians in Pakistan