Zaboor By Ernest Mall

Ephesians 5:19: Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,

The biblical book of Zaboor is a collection of 150 prayers, poems, and songs. Their authors expressed deep feelings to God of worship, gratitude in them. For worshippers today they are still inspiring and remind us of God’s strength and love. Zaboor were written to praise for God’s work in creation or in history. They usually start with a mean to praise, depict the inspiration for praise, and conclude with a reappearance of the mean. The value of the Zaboor for the Christian is so great, we should do what we can to become more familiar with them and this album is a great effort for it. In this album Ernest Mall chose a beautiful set of Zaboors to praise the Lord of Israel. This time he left the traditional tunes aside and emerged with classical eastern based music. Theme of this album is same like of Zaboors. Most Zaboors involve the praise of God – for his power and beneficence, for his creation of the world, and for his past acts of deliverance for Israel. The Zaboors imagines a world in which everyone and everything will praise Him, and God will hear their prayers and respond in return. In this album Ernst Mall sing Zaboors for the praise. He follows the steps of Daud and acknowledges God with these Zaboors.

Praise God while listening these beautiful Zaboors. God bless you all.

  • 1-Akhyan Chukna Han
  • 2-Aya Khudawand Mary
  • 3-Dukhan Dy Welay
  • 4-Meri Jan Dy Teek Khudawanda
  • 5-O Dhan Hai
  • 6-Pani Dy Sotan Di
  • 7-Sary Loko Sady Rab Nu
  • 8-Teri Hekal Dy Vich
  • 9-Tarke Mein Teinu Dhoonda
  • 10-Yahova Mubarik Khuda