Gohar Almas Bhatti

Gohar Almas Bhatti grew up in a family where he was able to gain a lot of biblical knowledge because of having very Christian atmosphere around him. As his father, Pastor Almas Bhatti, has been serving as a pastor for many years. Gohar personally made the decision of accepting Lord Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and got baptized in 2006. Gohar Almas Bhatti There are songs which have been written by him but his interest is mainly towards adding melody to the words and he has composed over twenty Christian songs up to now. In addition, Gohar translates Christian books from English into Urdu language and has translated and published several books so far. Gohar is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree(Hons) in Economics and doing well in studies at Forman Christian College University Lahore. He aims to reach out to people and especially to those who are distracted from the God’s track and make them to get back by conveying to them the Gospel message through worshipping God.

Gohar Believes that Worshipping God is not just singing various songs and playing musical instruments in fact it’s a war indeed against satan. So, each and every Christian needs to become a spiritual warrior to defeat Satan by worshipping God with all his/her heart and mind.

Gohar Almas Bhatti

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1 – Jalal Yesu Ko Download
2 – Al Masih Kay Download
3 – Tu Majood Hai Download
4 – Halleluiah Download
5 – Dunia Ka Noor Download
6 – Aya Humaray Baap Download
7 – Jab Say Jana Yesu Ko Download

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