Hallelujah Pakistani Gospel Band – Rab Janay

Hallelujah Pakistani Gospel Band Hallelujah the band is a group of young Pakistani men who have given their lives to serve God Almighty. It have six member; Adnan Peter Gill, Waqar Peter Gill, Anthony Soshil Shah, Sunil Inayat, Zahid Nazir and Zeeshan Rafiq. It is a Gospel band; they produce Masihi geets based on Holy Gospel. They are keen to make superlative gospel productions that will unite, heal and spread a message of love of our Lord Jesus Christ to all. It has gained recognition among the top Asian bands as well. Rab Janay album has freshness in it. It’s not like traditional Masihi Geets but have uniqueness. All of its Masihi Geets are melodious and its words for its lyrics perfectly matched. It also varies in lanugaes, English, Urdu and Punjabi are used in an admirable manner as if there is no need for improvement, and it’s just perfect. It showcases the approach of new generation. It has a great fusion of western and eastern music, which make it special and worth listening. Its music can easily get attention of youngsters as in their tender age they don’t focus towards God and religion.

Masihi Geets of this album praises God in an attractive style. Masihi Geet “Sana gaon teri” have an innocence of a true believer’s heart, whose happiness lies only in praises of God.

For Christians, Masihi Geets like the Hallelujah Band Pakistan produce will always keep amplify their faith and deliver the message of peace to everyone. Let’s move forward with the Hallelujah Band with these Masihi Geets and receive blessings. Stay blessed

  • 1 – Holy
  • 2 – Dastaar
  • 3 – Rab Janey
  • 4 – Mera Masih
  • 5 – Rahber
  • 6 – Mera Khuda
  • 7 – Tarkay