Hammad Baily

Hammad Baily a Very blessed Gospel singer. The lyrics of his songs are outstanding; here is a bit interesting data from Hammad Baily.

Asian Classical Ghazals (mospagebreak title=Musical Training heading=Musical Training) Musical training. He started singing lessons at age of seven at Cathedral School. From 13 years old learnt semi-classical (Ghazal, Geet) and harmonium & tabla. At 19 years started learning guitar from Alice Mcdonald.
At 25 years started learning classical vocals from the famous Gharana (family) Sham Chourasi, from Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan.

He Opened a Hammad School of Music in 1996, and teaches acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and tabla. Giving private one to one lessons to students aged 16 to 35 years.

Hammad Baily have done Bachelors in guitar from institute of contemporary music and performance from London. He is  worship leader of two churches in Uk.  Saint Paul slough and Trinity Baptist church

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