Roshan Jevan

John 8:12 Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” Francis Feroz The name of this Masihi Geet album is chosen especially with great intelligence as Jesus is light, way and the truth. He is our hope and our Redeemer, who freed us from eternal life in the darkness of sins and the name of album perfectly, matches with its Masihi Geet. This Jesus’ praising is effort of Pastor Francis Feroz, who serves God and is a well known Gospel singer of Pakistan.

This album has Masihi Geets both in Urdu and Punjabi language. In this album he has thanked Jesus about His sacrifices he made for mankind. It’s very first track is already a famous one and big hit. It is “Aa Yasu jee aa dluhan ko lene”, many churches regularly have this Masihi Geet as part of their masses and services. Masihi Geet “Phar K Wakh Injeel Suchi Gal Dasdi A” is based on Gospel and teaches about its significance. This Masihi Geet particularly is one of the must to listen Masihi Geet.

It is a beautiful Masihi Geet and it is a commendable to encourage people to learn Gospel. “Roshan Ha Mara Jeevan Tary He Noor Sy” is praise for Jesus from a sincere heart of a believer, who believes that Jesus is sun of his dark life and He enlightened his gloomy life which was covered with his sins.

Let’s get prepared to welcome Him in clouds and learn truth of Gospel. (273)

  • 1 – Aa Yesu Jee Aa Dulhan Ko Lanay
  • 2 – Aya Yesu Tari Kia Shan ha
  • 3 – Dil Day Bohay Khol Day Yesu Aana Chanda A
  • 4 – Dukh Dy Waly Sukh Dy Waly Yesu Naam
  • 5 – Jahray Ghr Wich Paa Tara Da
  • 6 – Mary Geeton Ki Dharkan Masih
  • 7 – Phar K Wakh Injeel Suchi Gal Dasdi A
  • 8 – Roshan Ha Mara Jeevan Tary He Noor Sy
  • 9 – Wakho Ni Vari Baan K Ly Gy
  • 10 – Zindgi Ka Darya Ha Jo Bahta Asmanon Sy