Free Download Tehmina Tariq Christians Songs – Jadu Rooh Nal howay Duwa

This Masihi Geet album is about devotion and commitment towards God .It has spiritual intimacy. Masihi Geets show case the cheerfulness of eagerness towards heavenly God. tehmina-tariq This Album gives a stunning tribute to Jesus and explains His strength. Singers have done a remarkable striking hard work. Their voices never felt tired but their strong voices can explain their strong will to praise God.

There is a fine verity of tunes, some are peaceful and soft, some are heartening and others are lively. Some of tunes are quite traditional and few are inspired from western music. Lyrics are both in English, Urdu and Punjabi. This album is about the hope regarding Jesus as He freed us from our and our forefathers’ sins by making an eternal sacrifice. He made it for us. Jesus’ mighty miracles are also included in these Masihi Geets with a beautiful collection of words.

These Masihi Geet can enlighten a person’s mind who is having a hard time in his life and is hopeless. Jesus name is supreme over all the names. His blood saves the wrongdoers. His love is same for each and everyone, without any biasness and prejudice. This album is a complete package of delight and comprehends Jesus and His love. He will be glorified for healing, faith in us, humbleness and sacrifices. These Masihi geet are heart molding and soul cleansers. When heart feels gloominess recall Christ and His affection helps to conquer earthly temptations.

Go ahead and fell blessed with the collection and welcome Jesus with open arms.

  • 1 – Jadu Rooh Nal howay Duwa
  • 2 – Awo Chamkey ban k Tara
  • 3 – Aya Asmani Rahmato Barso Masih k Naam say
  • 4 – Jadu Rooh Nal howay Duwa
  • 5 – Mujy Tari Tasli kafi ha
  • 6 – Tara Khoon Maqdas Main Ghulam Abbas/Tahmena Tariq
  • 7 – Yesu Aa Manu Cho
  • 8 – Yesu day Naam Ta Tamala Pawan gay
  • 9 – Yesu Jai jai bolo jai
  • 10 – Yesu tary aan dy main Shukar kran