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Zafarullah asked for apology using violent words for Jesus


Convener World Minorities Alliance and Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik said that Barrister Zafarullah Khan’s announcement in which he acquired Nawaz Sharif rivalry of Hazrat Essa unequivocally condemnable. He said that one ought not to coordinate even a decent man with Holy elements yet Barrister Zafarullah coordinated a degenerate and a questionable man with a Holy substance, which is a despicable demonstration.

Zafarullah asked for apology using violent words for Jesus

He said that Barrister Zafarullah has no clue that his announcement can spread loathe and political agitation among the general population. He advised that I attempted to converse with Dr. Tariq Fazal Choudhary with respect to this issue and offered message to his PS in such manner however he didn’t answer yet on the grounds that they individuals took minorities as an exceptionally frail substance yet I need to clear it that minorities are not powerless and give up thinking in this way.

He said that today is the third day and we were holding up him to understand his oversight and must apologize the country on his announcement, but so far however he has not done this. He said that I am not in the support of FIR but rather it is important to bring individuals on the correct way so he needs to apologize at any cost.

He said that we as a whole do missteps and Hazrat Essa showed us the lesson of pardoning so Barrister Zafarullah needs to call a Press Conference again in PID to apologize on his words to the entire country at a similar place where he affronts the sacred element as he hurt the Christians as well as the entire country. He said that if Barrister Zafarullah won’t say sorry to Christian community we will protest across the country.