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Zhob: Sewerage water mars solemnity of Christians’ graveyard


Christian’s graveyard located within the limits of Municipal Committee is inundated by sewerage. Local Christian community is apprehensive as the inundation is causing desecration of the graves of their loved ones. This problem has been existing since long time, but in sober seriousness, this subject of sewerage has been most absurdly neglected by the concerned authorities.

Christians' graveyard flooded by sewerage

Many graves would sink beneath the sewerage and rainwater if immediate action is not taken in this regard. Sewage has already created pools in the cemetery posing threat to the graves. Stray dogs are also causing nuisance to the local Christian community. Because there is no boundary wall, dogs freely roam inside the graveyard, at the same time garbage is thrown in the graveyard. Heaps of garbage mar the solemnity of the place.

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Dogs paw graves, especially at night as there are no lights or other facilities to keep these trespassers off. Darkness haunts the graveyard at nights, which can become an easy spot for the drug addicts or other illegal activities.

Last month, the newly-inaugurated Chairman of the Municipal Committee Abdul Rehman Mandokhail visited the graveyard without any prior notice. He was displeased over the condition of the graveyard and desecrated graves. In effectual disposal system of sewage and rain water and land grabbing irked the Municipal Committee Chairman.

Mr. Mandokhail directed the concerned authorities to take immediate steps to clean the graveyard. He ordered the concerned authorities to remove heaps of garbage from the cemetery, and drain the sewage water out of the graveyard.

A local Christian leader was also accompanying Mr. Mandokhail during this surprise visit. He told the media that the drain water is released on graveyard land intentionally. The stinky ponds formed as a result of this sewage water have become breeding ground for mosquitoes. “The Christian community Zhob is running from pillar to post to save the graveyard, but to no avail,” he said.

He said that it has been long that local Christians have conveyed their complains to the concerned authorities but the district administration has turned a deaf ear to their repeated complaints, taking no action to prevent the graveyard from further wear and tear.